Friday, April 23, 2010

What happens on opposite day, stays in opposite day

So on Thursday, 4/20, I was going to buy a brisket and smoke it. Unfortunately my extreme lack of unplanning had once again foiled my plans; non of the local butcher shops were open...go figure.

So instead of having a nice juicy hunk of undercooked and flavorful cow flesh, I ended up with veggies. Talk about a let down...

So on the way home from work, I picked up Chef Butts and Droo and we hit up the local Food Dog to pick up ingredients. I was thinking about grilled portabella sandwiches with stuffed peppers. I also ended up with artichokes to toss on the grill. Oh...and don't forget the mint Oreos and milk for desert.

So $35 (our Food Dog is sucks) we were headed to the house. So I ended up fixing a batch of the SJB&BSL for Maria's before preparing the goods for the meal.

It's all pretty straight forward; remove the portabellas from the package, cut the stem and top 1/4 from the atrichokes, slice in half, remove the purple leaves, scrape out the hair, slice the peppers in 1/2, remove the stems and seeds, mix up the spicy jack cheese with oil, corn, juice from a lime, salt, pepper, thyme, ground chipotle pepper, and stuff the mixture into the peppers.

It probably be a lot more convenient if I listed it out as an actual recipe, right?

So then the cooking process is pretty easy. Charcoal on the grill, light it, and then put all the food on there. I got it going at about 350F - 400F and put the cover on it and then headed inside to watch some crappy Christian documentary on Netflix. Defintely no what we were expecting.

So after a little bit I checked on the food, and then put the lid back on and headed back inside. That's when Chef Butts shared a bit of knowledge with me. I asked him how long he though it would take to finish and he said 4 more minutes. He then told me that everything only takes 4 minutes to cook, so when some one asks how much longer it's going to be, you just have to tell them 4 more minutes.

So about 4 more, 4 more minutes later, everything was ready to go. I tooke everything off the grill and took it back upstairs to finish.

We ended up taking a loaf of ciabatta bread that we toasted and made sandwiches. They were simple, but delicious. Portabella, extra sharp cheddar, and chipotle mayo sauce finished off the internals and we got down to eating.
I think the biggest thing that added to the meal was the inital seasoning of the grill. The last thing I fixed on it were the smoked jalapenos for the SJB&BSL that I originally mentioned in this post. All the food off the grill had a slight smoky flavor to it with a bit of spice. I'll have to remember to smoke jalapenos before the next meal I'm planning on grilling.

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