Friday, March 26, 2010

Thai Soup: or There and Back Again

So the soup of Mordor, er...yeah.

Chef Brad made red Thai curry coconut soup last week. He used a large chicken and made stock then made the soup. It lasted all of one night. There was still a ton of stock left over...

So Monday I made creamieish chicken noodle soup. I cut up a couple of potatoes, three leeks, two containers of sliced baby portabellas and some celery and tossed it all in the stock. After that, I added a pint of whipping cream and some egg noodles and we had chicken soup. One of the two bowls I had that night I decided to add curry powder and crushed red peppers. I'm smrt.

Well, what a coincidence. The next time it was reheated it had the rest of the red Thai curry paste added and was almost back to it's original iteration. Is it true what they try to instill into us from Lost? You can't change the future. No matter how many times you try to make chicken noodle soup out of curry soup, it'll always end up curry soup?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I survived St. Patrick's day

Barely. But it was all in all a good birthday. I bought myself a motorcycle the morning of the 17th. I think I made it until at least 11PM. I know my friends had a good time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The art of shamrocks and being shit faced

My dear reader (singular tense is not a mistake), I embark on this suicidal journey to the mouth of hell to face my demons and conquer my fears. Corned beef & cabbage be damned! Guiness & Baileys be cast aside to the hungering mouths of those less deserving! Tomorrow is the day of my creation and the day of my undoing. Tomorrow is the day when we separate the boys from the men. Let us forever hold that in our hearts as we set out knowing that none of us shall ever return the same. Let us say a prayer to old Saint Pat, thanking him for this gift that he has bestowed upon us and let none ever be able to say that we let humanity down.

Go forth into this gentle night so that tomorrow we may rise and let loose the dogs of war!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Holy crap, chef tables are impossible to get reservations at!!!

Well, it's 5 more days until my birthday and no chef table reservations. I tried Jose Andres's Mini Bar in Cafe Atlantico several times. It's impossible to get a Friday or Saturday reservation. I almost feel like I'm calling into DC101 trying to win tickets or something. Maybe I could call up Anthony Bourdain and ask for a favor for my birthday. Better yet, I could make a fake Anthony Bourdain Facebook acoount and friend a fake Jose Andres for a fake Mini Bar reservation. That sounds like a more appatizing plan.

Anyways, I've already made dinner plans for the day after St. Pat's and regardless of the fact that I'm going to be smash bag hungerover, I'm fixing food. Well, helping Chef Butts anyways. We're fixing some variation of Tom Kha and a steak curry. I'm looking forward to getting some photos of that.

I'll be in Baltimore for a Brunswick Photographer's Guild meet at the aquarium and walkabout through the inner harbor. I'm probably going to end up in Towson and if I do, I'll be at Kyodai. Maybe I'll buy myself a Canon G11 for my birthday and I'll take some photos of the sushi. Kyodai has one of the rotating conveyer belts that travels around the sushi bar. I always like stopping there when I'm in Towson.

Seared tuna, for a photo

I bought some tuna steaks from a local seafood place, Season's Best Seafood, in Martinsburg, WV. They have a pretty good selection of Seafood and they're always friendly and offer good service.

And by the way, I did this entirely for the photo...