Thursday, October 13, 2011 & a status update

I'm writing for now. It's mainly restaurant reviews and it's been a great opportunity so far to make a bit of cash for doing things that I like. That's stuff like traveling, eating, and taking photographs...oh, and getting paid; I like getting paid.

You can check out my reviews over there. Of course, all my requests for reviews don't get approved so if I request an OK to review a place that I think is pretty special and it gets denied, I'll probably review it on my own dime and put it up here.

I haven't been doing a terrible amount of cooking now, but I have started beer production back up. Right now me and friend Wes have a Pumpkin Ale in the secondary and cream air that's on it's sixth day of fermentation. I'm going to pick up another fermentation bucket and hopefully another keg this weekend along with getting a CO2 refill and we should be ready for the kegging part and have enough supplies to make a 3rd batch. I also have a sanke keg I need to pick up to make a brew kettle out of. The only thing missing after that is a mash tun. With all of those supplies, we'll be doing larger batches of all grain. 15 gallons at a time? No problem.

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