Friday, March 13, 2009

Asparagus Stuffed Chicken

So I got ambitious a while back and decided to skip the Ramen noodles. I saw something about stuffing chicken breast a while ago and figured that it couldn't be that hard; just fill it with your favorite foods. Unfortunately bacon & scotch stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon and marinated in scotch would work since I didn't have any bacon at the time and by the time I did, there wasn't any scotch.

What you'll need:
3 chicken boobs
Olive oil
Asparagus, lots & lots of
A block of mozzarella cheese
Bacon - extra is always good to much on, since it's the most important food group ever.
Spinach. On second thought, skip this.
Mushrooms. Little itty bitty baby portabellas. Lots.
Garlic cloves. 2, specifically
Tooth picks

Directions, in some sort of way:
First you need a cutting board. Bigger than mine. Stop laughing. Do the usual. Remove the bottom parts of the asparagus, chop and clean the mushrooms, chop the garlic cloves, and cut the block of mozzarella into slices.
Next you need to place a chicken breast on the cutting board. trim the fat, get it how you like. Once that's done, lay about three slices of bacon length wise on the chicken. Place a few pieces of asparagus across the bacon on the chicken. Brush the asparagus with olive oil. Lay three slices of cheese on the asparagus, that's on the bacon, that's on the chicken. Then you roll the chicken up, starting from the left or right side as in the picture. Shove a bunch of tooth picks in and take out some of that aggression. Repeat with the others and toss the chicken in an oiled pan.

Remember that oven I forgot to tell you to preheat? Well if you read directions like me, you're not going to find out until Turn it up to chicken cooking temp. I cook everything low and for a while. I think you can manage 300 for an hour? That might sound right. I cooked mine for two but I think I was at 250ish. I don't remember. Just don't overcook the chicken. You want juicy. The bacon helps with that.

OK. Take the rest of the "asparagus, lots and lots o'" and put it in a large skillet with the mushrooms and two cloves of chopped garlic. Cook until done.

That's it. Take the chicken out when it's done, shove it in your pie hole, and enjoy.

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  1. Images in this are sweet! I'll have to come back and read it later, as I can't get past the images. LOL