Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Press Room

I'll post a picture one day. I swear....

The Press Room
129 W German St
Shepherdstown, WV 25443
(304) 876-8777

Anywho, I went to The Press Room (which doesn't have a website if my searching skills haven't failed me) Monday, 3/24/09. My adventure started as such: My friend Tabitha O'Smiley sent me an email at work at 4:17PM with the following interesting bit of information:

"hey gill just texted me, wanted to know if i wanted to grab dinner or a drink after work... do you wanna come grab dinner??"

So like any dutiful person, I shoved off my other obligations of getting a haircut (rescheduled and unscheduled appointment) and going to Wal Mart for things I needed.

So I'm finally home from work and already through one load of laundry and waiting on the detergent to do a third (Wal Mart anyone?) and working on some photos and generally slacking off, I finally get a phone call. I meet up with Tabitha and we drive down to The Press Room. We get there and the bar is packed, so we head back out to wait for her friend Gill.

Once Gill shows up, indecision rears it's ugly head. The Press Room? Busy.... Tony's? Meh.... OK, time to break out the hard core decision maker. I'm The Press Room, Tabitha is Tony's. Rock, Paper, Scissors and we end up at Tony's.

Not even two minutes later and I hear, "I'm not eating."
"Me either."
"I just wanted a Martini."

ALL RIGHT ALREADY!!!! We left Tony's and walked back to The Press Room.

So the only time I've been there previously was for a drink or two at the bar. Tonight, we dine on the flesh of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products (hell no, I'm definitely a carnivore at heart). I just had an appetizer special and a dessert. The Appetizer was grilled artichokes. I though it was hearts. It wasn't. It was just a giant artichoke cut in half and grilled. Not bad, but not a lot there to eat and it's something I could have fixed at the house.

Next was the desert. I ordered one of their desert specials. It was blue cheese with pears, candied walnuts, something that I thought was dates, and honey from some foreign land. That was good. Not too sweet and just enough. Gill had the creme brulee and Tabitha had something that resembled and ice cream heart.

Any ways, that was an amazing review. You can praise my writing skills any time you want. Hey, what can I say? I'm better at cooking food and telling you what I did than eating at a restaurant and trying to remember it.

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