Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The art of shamrocks and being shit faced

My dear reader (singular tense is not a mistake), I embark on this suicidal journey to the mouth of hell to face my demons and conquer my fears. Corned beef & cabbage be damned! Guiness & Baileys be cast aside to the hungering mouths of those less deserving! Tomorrow is the day of my creation and the day of my undoing. Tomorrow is the day when we separate the boys from the men. Let us forever hold that in our hearts as we set out knowing that none of us shall ever return the same. Let us say a prayer to old Saint Pat, thanking him for this gift that he has bestowed upon us and let none ever be able to say that we let humanity down.

Go forth into this gentle night so that tomorrow we may rise and let loose the dogs of war!

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