Friday, March 26, 2010

Thai Soup: or There and Back Again

So the soup of Mordor, er...yeah.

Chef Brad made red Thai curry coconut soup last week. He used a large chicken and made stock then made the soup. It lasted all of one night. There was still a ton of stock left over...

So Monday I made creamieish chicken noodle soup. I cut up a couple of potatoes, three leeks, two containers of sliced baby portabellas and some celery and tossed it all in the stock. After that, I added a pint of whipping cream and some egg noodles and we had chicken soup. One of the two bowls I had that night I decided to add curry powder and crushed red peppers. I'm smrt.

Well, what a coincidence. The next time it was reheated it had the rest of the red Thai curry paste added and was almost back to it's original iteration. Is it true what they try to instill into us from Lost? You can't change the future. No matter how many times you try to make chicken noodle soup out of curry soup, it'll always end up curry soup?

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