Friday, March 12, 2010

Holy crap, chef tables are impossible to get reservations at!!!

Well, it's 5 more days until my birthday and no chef table reservations. I tried Jose Andres's Mini Bar in Cafe Atlantico several times. It's impossible to get a Friday or Saturday reservation. I almost feel like I'm calling into DC101 trying to win tickets or something. Maybe I could call up Anthony Bourdain and ask for a favor for my birthday. Better yet, I could make a fake Anthony Bourdain Facebook acoount and friend a fake Jose Andres for a fake Mini Bar reservation. That sounds like a more appatizing plan.

Anyways, I've already made dinner plans for the day after St. Pat's and regardless of the fact that I'm going to be smash bag hungerover, I'm fixing food. Well, helping Chef Butts anyways. We're fixing some variation of Tom Kha and a steak curry. I'm looking forward to getting some photos of that.

I'll be in Baltimore for a Brunswick Photographer's Guild meet at the aquarium and walkabout through the inner harbor. I'm probably going to end up in Towson and if I do, I'll be at Kyodai. Maybe I'll buy myself a Canon G11 for my birthday and I'll take some photos of the sushi. Kyodai has one of the rotating conveyer belts that travels around the sushi bar. I always like stopping there when I'm in Towson.

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